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Monthly (30 Day Plan) Is Now Live Website Hosting

Subscription product

$25.00 USD for the first month (one time setup fee)
Then $5.00 USD for each month

Product name:   Monthly (30 Day Plan) Is Now Live Website Hosting
Product description:  Website Hosting, Sub-Domain with an SSL…. Setup and help with layout & design.

***Please Note***
The Broadcast / Display Name will become your URL example:
The email address will be used for site creation (It will also be the admin email for your site where your site notifications will be sent)
Please allow 48 to 72 hours for site creation, We may also contact you with in that time to ask you for input on what pages, layouts, color and design you’d like.
An example of what your site may look like can be seen here
Your website will be built for integration with your, or YouTube Live  profile.

Primary Broadcast Network

Broadcast / Display Name

Email for Website Creation

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